martes, 21 de febrero de 2012

First WizIQ Session and Getting Started - Week 1

       On February 18th, 2012, we had our first WizIQ session, and I must say that I enjoyed it plenty. From the very beginning of the session I was already interacting with Miguel Mendoza, our e-moderator, Monica Quintini, the Project Officer from The British Council for Venezuela, and my e-mates in this great adventure, and it was really nice to meet them all. After a brief introduction on what Learning Technologies for the English Classroom is all about, we got hands on the platform we are going to use throughout this course, and we started with Module 1, Preparation, Unit 1, Getting Started. We became familiar with the platform, and performed our first tasks. In the Introduction Forum, I got the opportunity to introduce myself to my fellow e-mates, and to get acquainted with them. Yes, I made new friends, and it feels awesome. And as Miguel put it, we are now a “PLN (Professional Learning Network)”. How cool is that? Later on, I was in the zone when we got to find our way around the platform; I was just like a boy with a new toy. Now, I am reflecting about this experience. I have no doubts that learning technologies are indispensable in language teaching, as they can engage teachers and learners in a variety of ways. Somehow, this whole experience has made me realized that technology can have limitless applications in language teaching; for instance, post homework assignments, group discussion and forum, wikis, educational social network, and so much more, but we must learn how to integrate technology and language teaching effectively and efficiently. I want to learn and master all I can about learning technologies; to be updated, to improve my classes and teaching performance, and to grow professionally, and this is why I am taking this course. To be honest, I feel like my love for teaching have been refreshed and updated, and this is just the beginning.

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