viernes, 30 de marzo de 2012

Using a computer room - Week 6

What classroom management issues may occur from taking my class into a computer room?

For most teachers, their comfort zone is the rudimentary classroom, and when taking a class into a computer room, they can lose control of it rapidly as management issues arise. Taking a class into a computer room can be a difficult thing. For instance, an unprepared teacher may come across with issues regarding technology like mistreatment of equipments and tools, and improper internet usage, as well as classroom behavior, such as misconduct and indiscipline. This is why teachers must be always prepared to solve any classroom management problem to have a successful educational experience. To avoid these issues teachers must point out proper equipment and software usage and classroom behavior, besides preparing and giving the students activities that are interesting and learning-engaging.

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Miguel Mendoza dijo...

Etiquette or some kind of governance should be implemented to guarantee students use Lts as they are supposed to do in class. Good point Angel!